The Crows and a Fox

Jamerion Shaffer, Special Feature Writer- 4th Grade


Once upon a time in a forest there was a selfish fox who was always tricking people into giving him what he wants. There was a crow who was the nicest animal in the forest. But, one day, that all changed. The nice crow was sitting on a branch nearby a very old tree that had been there for years. There was the fox laying down in the grass taking a nap. The fox woke up and he had saw the crow just getting to eat a sweet delicious grape. The fox came up to the branch where the crow was sitting. He said to the crow, “What a nice crow you are. Would you kindly pass me the grape right next to you?” The crow said, “Yes, I will carefully bring it down to you.” And so the crow did. The fox said “Thank you.” Before the fox left, the crow called him and said. “Would you love to come over to my house tomorrow?” The fox was shocked that the crow would let him stay for dinner.

The next day, the fox wore a bow tie, a tuxedo, and nice shoes. He walked to the crows house. He rung the bell, the crow came up to the door and said, “come on in.” They sat down at the table. “Dinner’s ready,” said Mr. Crow.  Mr. Crow’s wife and three children came rushing down stars. Mr. crow introduced them to Mr. Fox, “This is Breu, Tom, and Josh. Kids, this is Mr. Fox. We are going to say our prayers now. The fox and the five crows had ate their food and went to sleep since the next day was thankful day. The crows invited Mr. Fox to come with him to celebrate on thankful day. It starts at 2:00 and ends at 6:00.

The next morning the fox got dressed and went to Mr. Crows house. Ding, ding, dong, the doorbell sounded. “I’m here” the fox said. “Here I come,” said Mr. Crow loudly. He looked out of the window. “It’s Mr. Fox. Everybody wake up.” Mr. Crow opened the door. “Come on in Mr. Fox,” said Mr. Crow. His whole family was dressed and he was dressed himself. All of them got into the car. Mr. crow said, “We’ve got six miles to drive.” Eighteen minutes later the car was running out of gas. So they had very little gas so they went to a nearby gas station. They barely made it there in time before it ran completely out. Mr. Crow dug into his pocket and only found one cent. The gas they needed cost five dollars. Mr. Fox said, “Don’t worry, here you go.” Mr. Crow was shocked, but he took the five dollars and paid for the gas. They were back on the road to the celebration. When they arrived, the celebration was just starting.

They all got out of the car and headed to go see the parade. They saw clowns and giant balloons. The sun was going down and everyone announced that it was time to see the fireworks. They all watched the fireworks together and held hands. The Celebration people said, “It’s time to leave folks. See you next year!” They all got into the car and drove home. When they got home, they all said, “Thank you, Mr. Fox, for coming to celebrate Thankful day.” The fox said, “Good Night, Crows. See you tomorrow.”