Giving Thanks!

Allison Bastida, 10th Grade Reporter

Oh, the smell of the roasted turkey fresh out of the oven. The delicious mashed  potatoes ready to be eaten by the kids. The scrumptious looks of that apple pie sitting on the dessert table. And of course, the children talking and running around the rooms waiting to be served some delicious food. The mothers and wives checking to see if the food has a great taste, I mean it has to be good since its been a whole year of eagerness to taste the different flavors of the food. The men talking about their jobs and how they can’t wait to take a bite of the delicious turkey leg. Oh, isn’t that just an amazing thought? We have to give thanks for this. Many people can’t even imagine this, because they had never experienced this amazing holiday.

That’s why it’s called Thanksgiving. To give thanks for the blessings we have through the year. Not only the food, but the family and friends that have been by your side all year and the following. Now, there’s always that one seat that is empty on the table because of that one thing that is supposedly more important than sitting by your family…Black Friday. Since when is that more important than eating delicious food with your family? Now days, people fight in the stores to get the latest toys, electronics and clothing. Why can’t we just all sit in the warm house talking and spending an amazing time with our family? We need to all appreciate what we have and not what we desire. Giving thanks for everything we have is important. Lets make Thanksgiving a memory we will have for the rest of our lives.