Shhh … Do You Believe?


Trace Vance, 10th Grade Reporter

Our story starts on Christmas eve night, there was a thud in the night. The sound was not that of an intruder stealing things, but an elf giving presents.  The elf’s name was Cookies, and the thud was him falling down the chimney. When Cookies fell down the fireplace he tumbled out onto the rug silent screaming, “Ah Ah Fire Fire.” Cookies began to run around the room, scooting his rear up and down the rug. Then a voice called out from above, “Hey, Cookies what happened?” The voice was Marshmallow who was another one of Santa’s elves. Cookies,who was still running around the room called back, “oh my Christmas, my cookies are burning.” Then the other two elves came through the door as Cookies was getting up. One of them said, ” Ya know ya could of used the door, it was unlocked.” Cookies looked at the elf , whose name was Sparkles, and replied, “well going down the fireplace is a tradition.” Marshmallow was the last one in the door, she was left with dragging the bag of presents, she called out to the rest. “hey ya’ll come and help me with these gifts, so that we can go.”  The elves start working to put all the gifts under the tree as soon as they could. After a couple of seconds almost all the presents were set and Marshmallow declared, “Okay only one more present to go, hey Cookies can you get it for me?”

“Sure thing Marsh.”  Cookies began to walk over to the bag of gifts, but his foot was caught by one of the wires that went to the Christmas tree. Cookies gasped ,” Uh-Oh”, as he fell to the floor. Sparkles was about to walk over to cookies to see if he was okay when a little boy walked into the living room. Sparkles cried, ” Oh my Christmas, Cookies your stupid self woke the boy up”. Cookies started to hyperventilate and pace around the room. “Stay calm Cookies”, Marshmallow cried. The little boy, whose name was Mark, announced to all the elves,” You have ten seconds to explain yourselves before I go get my parents!”

“We are Santa’s elves. We came to make your Christmas holly and jolly.” Cookies blurted out in 3 seconds. Sparkles glared at Cookies ,” Great job, now you’ve told our secrets to the boy.”  and continued with,” Santa is going to be furious when he hears about this.”

” Santa and  his elves ain’t even real, its a  stupid holiday anyway”. All of the elves gasped and mumbled to themselves in shock. Sparkles was the first to reply to what Mark said,” Can’t ya see us? We’re real!”

“Ya’ll are just some crazy folk in elf outfits” Mark said while turning his body in the direction of his parents bedroom. Cookies stopped hyperventilating just in time to suggest ,” Hey, how about we call Santa, to make Mark believe.” Marshmallow shook her head in disapproval and sighed, ” You can’t just call Santa.” Sparkles jumped in with, ” Cookies we don’t have time for this, we still have a ton of houses to get to.” While they were talking, Cookies pulled and old touch tone phone from his back pocket ,”Nonsense lets call him. Cookies punched in a three digit number and put the receiver up to his ear. After a couple of seconds of waiting, Cookies yelped into the phone,” Hey Santa, sorry to wake you but can you come over.” Mark was becoming impatient and cried, ” Ugh if Santa was to come through that door i’ll believe, but if ya’ll are just going to stand here I’m going to get my parents.” Cookies hanged up the phone and announced to the others ,” Okay Santa will be here in less than a minute.”

“Cookies why did you do that?” Sparkles asked. Cookies put on a smile and said, “Just trying to spread the magic of Christmas.” Then they waited, they only had to wait for 25 seconds before they heard a noise on the roof of the house, and Santa emerged from the fireplace. Santa walked smooth out of the fire place, unlike Cookies who tumbled out of it not ten minutes ago. ,”Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas Mark.” Mark was standing in the far corner of the room. At first all he could do was gasp in shock at what had just happened. After a couple of seconds to collect himself Mark said, “Santa, y-you are real!” Santa laughed at that and declared,”Well of course I’m real, how did ya think all the gifts got under the tree.” Marshmallow added on with,”Or how your stockings were filled with treats.” Cookies concluded with,”Who did ya think eating were eating the cookies you left out.”

“Wow, okay I believe Santa.”

“That’s great Mark, and remember that you must never tell anyone that you saw us here tonight.” Sparkles added with,”If we were ever caught, we wouldn’t be able to give any more presents.”

“Don’t worry,” Mark reassured, “your secret is safe with me.”

“Okay Mark, goodnight and MERRY CHRISTMAS.”