Study tips!!!

Jocelyn Marion, 9th Grade Reporter

Studying is important and will be used for the rest of your school year (even during collage!). so these helpful study tips will help you out!!

  • Mrs. Coggin- Teacher: “Turn the facts into songs or games”
  • Deborah Boyette- 8th Grade: “Study with a friend”
  • Mrs. Coggin- Teacher: “Use red ink on flash cards to write it down”
  • Mrs. Poe- Teacher/Librarian: “Use color to write down notes. Use colorful pens, pencils, or even markers!”
  • Amber Nix- 9th grade: “Go over your notes every night before going to sleep”
  • Jocelyn Marion- 9th Grade: “Talk to a teacher and ask questions”
  • Mrs.Deborah-teacher: “Write down the information 5 times”