Closing Time on Halloween Night.


Trace Vance

Michael, Jason, and Carrie decided to have a little more fun than usually on Halloween night. They put on the blackest clothes they could find, grouped up in Jason’s mother’s Jeep, and started to roll the houses in town. The going was good. They thoroughly rolled four houses, until they were forced to stop. They didn’t plan ahead very well, and soon ran out of toilet paper. Not wanting to go back home just yet, they decided to go get some more ammo at the grocery store. No no no, they weren’t going to buy any toilet paper, they were going to steal some.

Jason pulled the Jeep up to the closed grocery store. He drove around to the back of the store, stopped in front of the back door, and then killed the engine. He turned around to look at Carrie and Michael in the back seat.

“Okay now you two break in, get some toilet paper, and head back out. Probably won’t you two minutes.” 

Carrie leaned over to the front seat. “How come we have to go in and you don’t?”

Jason reasoned, “We have to keep someone out here in case someone was to walk up on us. I’m the lookout, and the getaway driver.”

Carrie, seeing through Jason’s excuse but not wanting to start an argument, sighed. “Fine. Come on Michael.”

Carrie climbed up out of the car, and Michael followed after her. Michael took out his pocket knife and started to work on the door’s lock. After a few twists of the blade, the door popped open. They then entered the store.

Carrie and Michael walked down the toilet paper aisle of the store. There were several brands of toilet paper on the shelves. They walked up to the most expensive toilet paper there, and started grabbing the bags of the shelf. Michael grabbed four bags, two under each arm, while Carried grabbed two bags. They were about to walk out of the aisle, when Carrie stopped. 

“You know, I think I carry one more. Wait for me Mike, I’m going get another one.”

Carried turned back and reached to another toilet paper bag on the shelf. She almost reached the toilet paper, but then the bag moved further down the shelf. Carrie, not quite sure what just happened, reached for the bag again. Like before, the bag moved out of her reach. Carrie stopped in place and stared at the occasionally moving toilet paper.

“Okay.” She said slowly. “I suppose we didn’t really need one more after all.” Carrie thought aloud as she began walking back towards Michael. 

Michael, seeing that Carrie still only had two bags, asked, “Where’s the third bag?”

Carrie, not wanting to seem crazy, shrugged the question off that best way she could. “Oh… I figured that a third bag really wasn’t needed after all.”

Michael, seeing right through Carrie’s lie, said. “Alright.” They then started their way to the back of the store. 

They were so close to just walking out of the store. They were less than ten feet away from the outside of the store. They even started a conversation with Jason on the outside.

“What took you two so long?” Jason asked from the seat of the Jeep.

Carrie shrugged, “I was trying to decide whether or not to get two or…” That was when their conversation was violently ended. The back door crashed closed. The door closed with the speed of sound.

Carrie jumped back at the sudden closing of the door. She stood away from the door with a look of slight horror on her face. Michael, seeing that Carrie was scared, tried to comfort her. “It’s probably just the wind.”

“Wind my foot. Someone slammed the door close.” Carrie said. Michael shrugged, and walked over to the door. He turned the door handle and opened the door back up, for a hair of a second. The door slammed shut again, they only got a small glimpse of the outside.

Carrie, out of fear, dropped ‘her’ toilet paper onto the ground. “Nope.” Carrie gasped as she started to run for the front of the store. Michael, who was more scared than Carrie, dropped his toilet paper and chased after Carrie.

They reached the front door of the store. The front door was made of glass, and there was a large glass window on the wall by it. Carrie started to pull on the door with all of her might. Michael did the same when he got to the door. They pulled, pulled, and pulled, but it was to no avail, the door remained closed. 

Carrie let go of the handle, and backed away from the door. Michael backed up with her. They talked about what they were going to do, when something caught their eyes. There were some trick or treaters walking with their parents going past the front of the store. Carrie, at this point not concerned with being caught, ran back up to the window. She started banging on the glass and yelled out to the people going by.

“HEEEEY WE’RE LOCKED IN THE STORE. CAN YOU….” She was about to ask if they could help them, but she could no longer see the family on the outside. The glass on the door and window fogged over. Their vision of the outside world had faded to white. Carrie screamed again. Her scream echoed around the walls of the store as if she was in a catacomb. She slowly backed away from the glass.

“What’s happening?” Carrie asked in horror.

“I don’t know.” Michael whimpered back.

“I do.” someone else echoed.

Carrie and Michael quickly turned around to the voice that came from behind them. An empty soup aisle stared back at them. They stared for a few moments, waiting for someone to walk up, but nothing did. They were about to turn back around, when a clank came down the soup aisle. They looked back and saw that a soup can had fallen from one of the shelves. Another one soon fell in front of their eyes. A third can feel of the self. The fourth can, unlike the others, fell off the shelf with the speed of light. The fourth can struck the floor, leaving a small crater in the tile. More cans soon started to fly off the shelf, but Carrie and Michael didn’t stay to watch. They started running back for the back of the store.

They got within sight of the back door, and then stopped suddenly. There was something standing at the back door. It could not be called a someone because this something didn’t have any feet. The Something was staring at the back door. Carrie and Michael stared at the something for a moment, and the something looked back at them. Unlike a someone, this something’s neck turned around like an owl’s head. It leered at Carrie and Michael. It soon began laughing at them. A hearty laugh then soon filled the whole store with it’s creepiness. Carrie and Michael ran back to the front of the store. This time they ran thrice times faster than before.

While they were running they heard the something from the back laugh at them. “HA HA HO. IT’S ALWAYS BACK AND FORTH WITH YOU TWO.” This only made Carrie and Michael run faster.

When they were within sight of the front door, they saw that the windows had changed  again. The windows were now showing a ghastly red color. The color seemed to roll down the sides of the window. It looked like someone had recently painted the windows with dark red paint.

Carrie slowed down to a stop when she reached the front, but Michael didn’t. He sprinted with the speed of a cheetah right into the front door of the store. The glass faded back to its normal transparency as it shattered into a million pieces onto the outside pavement. Michael continued to run at the same speed towards the back of the store.

Carrie stared confused at the broken glass for a few seconds. Her mind couldn’t quite comprehend what Michael just did. She only stopped staring because the sound of someone walking started to echo behind her. She took a quick glance back out of fear. The same something from before was now walking down the store. Even though it didn’t have any legs, it was walking with the sound of its feet clamping on the store’s tile. While she was staring back, the something called out to her.

“Come join us Carrie. We have lovely parties all the time. People love our parties. They’re just dying to come to them.”

Carrie, still looking at the something behind her, sprinted out of the broken door. She ran around to the back of the store. The Jeep was still there with a confused Jason and an exhausted Michael in it. Carrie jumped into the passenger side on the Jeep

“Start it up and go!” Carrie screamed at Jason.

“Wait what happened?” Jason asked.

“Just go.” Carrie demanded.

“Yes please just go.” Michael added from the back.

Jason held his finger out to them. “No. I’m not going until one of you tells me…” It was at that moment that the door crashed open. The door opened the opposite way it was designed to, so it’s hinges snapped into. They all looked at the opened door and saw the something again. This time the something was smiling at them. A smile that held a thousand razor sharp red stained teeth. 

Jason, within the span of ten seconds, started the car up and floored it out of the parking lot. The Jeep screamed down the highway. Their fun Halloween night had officially ended.


The something, that was still in the doorway, started to transform. He changed back into his naturally ghost form. “That was fun.” He said to himself. “I just wished it lasted longer. Oh well, Halloween night ain’t over yet.” The ghost then levitated off the ground, and flew off into the night. There were three more hours left on Halloween night. Plenty of time for the ghost to have much more fun.