Giving Thanks


Trace Vance

The family sat down around the diner table. It was thanksgiving day. The table was laid out with the biggest and best meal of the year for the family. The mother and father sat at the ends of the table. The one sister sat on the right side of the table while her two brothers sat on the other side. All of their mouths were watering, they’re ready to did into the feast before them.

“Come on,” The smaller brother complained, “Lets eat already.”

Father nodded along with his youngest son. “Yeah I agree, what are we waiting on?”

The wife stood up from her seat at the head of the table. “Before we start with the eating,” Mother explained, “I would like each and everyone of us to say at least one thing that we are thankful for.”

The older brother turned to look at his dad. “Do we got to do this?” His father reluctantly nodded. The eldest boy then let his head drop down to the table.

The mother stood overlooking the table for some time before she realized that no one was going to talk.

“Okay then,” the mother announced, “I’ll go first. I’m thankful for Chick-Fill-A and Starbucks coffee” The mother then looked over to her husband. “Honey what are you thankful for.”

The father, automatically, stood up from his seat. He then awkwardly looked at the faces looking back at him. He couldn’t figure out what he was thankful for. He blurted out the first thing that came to his mind. “I’m thankful for covid-19.”

The family stared at the father with confused and slightly concerned faces. “Why are you thankful for that?” The wife asked.

“A few reasons.” The father muttered. He then slumped back down into his chair.

Then family waited a bit for the next person to speak out. The sister eventually did.

“I guess I’m thankful for Harry Styles.” The sister announced with a shy smile reaching across her face.

The oldest brother rolled his eyes at his sisters response. “That’s lame,” He told her, “I’m thankful for George Strait.”

The sister looked over at her brother with a confused face. “Who?” She asked. The brother leered at his sister.

“Okay you two.” The mother lightly snapped at the soon to be fighting siblings. When she saw that the fire in the fight had dwindled, she turned her head to the youngest. “What are you thankful for?”

The young boy tilted his head to the right. He held it that way for a few moments before he had an answer. “I’m thankful for Jesus dying on the cross so that I can be saved.”

The mother and father beamed with pride at their youngest answer. The other siblings just rolled their eyes. The mother was about to say something else, when the youngest added, “What can I say I don’t want to go to Hell. ”

This caused a wide rang of reactions from the family. The oldest brother busted out with laughter, the sister looked at her young brother with surprised eyes, the father was doing his best to hold in his laughter, and the mother had reached her boiling point.

After the moment pasted, the mother made her last announcement. “Okay then, Lets eat.” The family then dug into the food In front of them.



Starbuck coffee, Chick-fil-a…. Beth Warren

George Strait… Logan Murphy

Harry Styles.. Bailey Warren

Covid-19… Alan Moya

Jesus dying, don’t want to go to Hell.. Trace Vance