Small Pine Tree


The small pine tree never got any love. The other trees in the forest never talked to the small pine. It wasn’t that the other trees in the forest disliked the small pine. The other trees most likely would not be bothered by the small pine’s height, and they would not have thought him lesser for it. The small pine height affected him in a more direct way with the other pines. The trees, you see, simply didn’t know that the small pine was even there. The small pine didn’t even come close to the height that the other pine trees in the forest stored at. The normal sized pine trees swayed against each other. Their branches collide with each other on a daily basis. This was the way that the pines, and any other tree, communicated with each other. The small pine was far too short for its branches to sweep against one of the other pine, so it lived unnoticed. The small pine would give anything to feel something touch its branches. It was a wonderful feeling that the pine was sure that it would never feel.

This was the way that the small pine lived for the longest time. It was the way that it thought it was going to live forever in the shadows of the bigger pines. Thankfully for the small pine, things were about to change.

One day. The small pine sat there like it usually does any other day. It couldn’t interact with the other trees at all, and it was starting to get used to the fact that it would never be able to. It just sat there with it’s branches swaying with the wind that was ever present in the forest. Then, the wind changed. The change in the wind was not the wind changing its direction. It was something coming closer to the small pine. The small pine swad its branches to see if it could feel what was coming up to him. The small pine could now feel the ground slightly move with each step that the thing took. It was getting close to the small pine now. The small pine began to wave more frantically. Whatever was walking up was getting very close now. Then, the thing stopped in front of the small pine. All changes in the wind and all the vibrations in the ground stopped. The small pine slowed down its waving. The small pine thought that maybe it was imagining something. The pine thought about how it might have only been paranoia creeping around and not something actually there. It was just when the small pine thought that, that something laid a hand on it’s bark. The small pine stopped waving its branches. It was parilized with fear. The thing then began to talk to himself. 

The thing, which was a human, said, “Well this one looks just good enough.” The human then brought up his axe, and started chopping down the small pine.

Thankfully for the small pine. It felt no pain. Well, at least it felt no pain from the axe chopping its bark. If anything the axe tickled more than it hurt. If the tree had a mouth it probably would have burst out laughing at this moment. The more the axe chopped away at it’s stump, the funnier it felt. The funniest moment of all for the small pine was when it started to lean over to the side. The pine leaned over to the point of falling, and it fell to the ground. One or two of its branches snapped under its weight as it collided with the ground. That made the pine feel ticklish again. 

“Greet, that one was easy enough.” Exclaimed the axe man. The man then grabbed the small pine by it’s stump and started dragging it.

It felt weird for the small pine to be dragged across the rough forest ground. It didn’t quite feel ticklish like the chopping, but it didn’t necessarily feel bad either. It felt very rough on the branches rubbing against the ground. The small pine was a small bit worried that some of the branches may just break off rubbing against the rough ground. Sure it felt nice, but it didn’t want a bare back. 

After a bit of dragging, the man stopped. He let the tree fall back to the ground, and walked a little bit away from it.

The small pine though the man had left him there forever when he left. It could not believe that someone could be so wasteful with a tree. Why would someone chop me down just to leave me lying on the ground, the pine thought. Then, the pine felt the man come closer again. 

The man walked over to the pine, he picked the pine back up by its stump, and then began stuffing the pine into a burlap sack. He stuck the stump into the bag first, and worked his way up on the tree.

Now the pine didn’t know what to think now. It was glad that it was not going to be left to rot on the ground. Though, the pine wanted to know what was happening around him. With its branches stuffed into a sack it would be impossible to feel of the world around him. The pine couldn’t help but feel like it was being kidnapped.

The man stuffed all of the pine into the sack, and then tied the end of the sack closed. Closing the pine from the outside world.

The pine didn’t like the inside of the bag. It all felt the same. There were no differences in the air. There was no vibration to be felt in the ground. The inside of the bag just felt the same all around. It was very uninteresting for the pine to be stuffed into the sack.

The man lifted up the sack, and threw it into the bed of his pickup truck. The man then got into the driver’s seat.

Now the pine was really confused. It could feel the cold metal of the bed under some of its branches. It didn’t have any idea of what a truck was so it just assumed that the man placed him on a sheet of metal. The pine quickly realized that it was more than just metal when it heard the truck cranking to life. The truck then began moving, confusing the pine all the more. The pine realized that there wasn’t too much that it could do about the situation. With not much to do, the pine fell to sleep in the back of the moving pickup.

After many miles driven, the pine woke back up. The tree quickly felt that it was not longer in the sack. It also noticed how it was standing back up, and not just lying on the ground. The pine could feel that something was holding it up by the stump, but it could make out what was holding it up. There were no changes in the wind. In fact, there was no wind. The air in this place was still. It also felt warm, which was very different to the coldness it was used to year round. The pine didn’t even know there could be a temperature other than cold. The pine began to waved its branches to feel around the place. It moved its branches a little bit, and then stopped. It could feel that there was something weighing down on its branches. It felt like dozens of little hooks sitting upon many branches. Each hook felt like it held something. The pine also felt something weigh on its top branches. It felt like someone had placed a little hat on his head. If the pine had eyes it most likely would have shed a tear in this moment. Not a tear of sadness, but a tear of pure happiness. It may not have known exactly what was going on, but it was glad to finally have something to fell against its branches. It felt as though a while bunch of pines were talking to it. The small pine had never been so happy in its life.

The axe man sat on the couch with his wife. Their little kids were playing on the ground in front of them. The man looked up to the Christmas tree that he had chopped down.

“I think you did an amazing job with the decorations honey.” The man told his wife.

“Thank you.” Her wife told him. They sat  down in front of their kids, and were thankful. Thankful for the great Christmas that they were about to have.