Romantic Novels

Trace Vance

Here is a list of romantic novels to read around this time of the year. I don’t care if you read the novel, but please read this list.


Twilight- Stephanie Meyer

Not a terrible read all things considered. The only problem with it is that nothing happens until the very end of the novel.

Romeo and Juliet- William Shakespeare

What can I saw its one of the most romantic stories of all time. How many relationships can you think of that end up with the couple dead on the third date.

The Beginning of Everything- Robyn Schneider

Its a very good romantic book for your average teenage. Lots and lots of tragedy and car wrecks.

Once and For All- Sarah Dessen

It’s a classic young romantic love novel. This novel has the worlds strongest shape in it, ya’ know, a love triangle. This novel also discusses some issues that your average American school student can relate to.

Dracula- Bram Stroker

The all time classic romantic horror novel. Make no mistake, this is a romantic novel. It features a married couple taking down a vampire with the help of some friends.