Trace Vance

Henry walked down the street corner with all that he needed in hand. He had a bouquet of red roses in his right hand, and a heart shaped box of creamy chocolates in his left hand. He also carried a nice fat sapphire ring in his back pocket. All of these gifts were going to his beloved girlfriend, Jennifer.

He had loved Jennifer ever since he had first laid his eyes on her all the way back in his high school days, which, all things considered, wasn’t too long ago. Jennifer and Henry’s relationship was a slow start to say the very least. It was the usual will they won’t they storyline that seems to be the plot of every romantic movie made today. Though when they did get together, it went just about as smoothly as any relationship could ever hope to be. Henry had heard some people use the term roller-coaster to describe his relationship, but he knew it wasn’t that at all. A roller-coaster had ups and down along the ride, and it would eventually end. Henry thought their relationship was more like a merry-go-round. He felt dizzy with love all the time, and he knew that that would never end.

Henry crossed the street with a mile wide smile hanging across his face. Today was February the fourteenth, the most romantic day of the year, and Henry was planning on making it all the more romantic for Jennifer. He was less than a block away from Jennifer’s studio apartment now. His heart felt like it was about to pound its way right out of his chest.

Henry made it to the steps that led up to Jennifer’s apartment building. He started to walk up them, two steps at a time. He reached the door. He placed the box of chocolates under his arm so that he could reach the door knocker. He rapped the stained brass door knocker against the side of the weather eaten wooden door for a second of two. He then took a step back away from the door, and waited.

Before the door opened, Henry suddenly became aware of the clothes that he was wearing right now. He looked down at him-self and saw that he was only wearing a plain white t-shirt with some jeans that had some mysterious stain on them, and a scratchy pair of boots to boot. Henry started to kick himself for not being better dressed. He had thought so much about he’s presents that he didn’t care to think about his presentation. He turned his head back up when he heard the heavy wooden door creak opened.

Henry let all of his worries about his appearance as his eyes laid upon Jennifer standing in the doorway. She had on an old Rolling Stones t-shirt that had multiple red and yellow stains down its sides. She had on a pair of baggy pajama pants that had some holes along the seams in them. Her hair, which is usually straightened down to her sides, was hanging loosely in a messy ponytail over her left shoulder.

Jennifer blinked in surprise at Henry standing. “What are you doing here?” She asked playfully.

Henry lifted the gifts that he had in his hands. “I just thought I’d drop by. May I come in?”

Jennifer nodded as she moved over so that Henry could walk into her apartment. “Yeah, yeah you can come in. How come you didn’t tell me that you were coming? I would have dressed up better if I’d known that you would come by.”

Henry stepped through the doorway, closing the door behind him. “ I wanted it to be a surprise.”

Jennifer walked over to the dresser that was planted next to her bed. “You and your surprises.” She then started to take out some clothes from the top drawer. She turned her head to look back at Henry. “You go to the bathroom, I have to change some of my clothes.”

Henry walked over to the bathroom that was in the corner of Jennifer’s small apartment. It was the only room inside of Jennifer’s place beside for the main bedroom which doubled as a living room and a laundry room and a kitchen. Henry closed the door when he walked inside of the bathroom. He sat down on the closed toilet, and then waited.

Not ten minutes later, Jennifer called out to Henry. “Okay you can come out now.” She said with some humor. Henry walked out of the bathroom. 

Jennifer now had on a lovely blue blouse that had rifles all over her chest. She was also sporting a nice pair of black jeans with white seams that held the fabric together.

Jennifer was combing her hair with a brush that she kept on her night stand. After a couple of more strokes she dropped the brush back onto her stand. “I could do with some gel in it, but it’ll do for now.” She said.

The two of them then sat down side by side on her Bed. Henry started to give her some of the gifts. He handed her the flowers first. Jennifer held the roses firmly in her left hand and felt the petals with her left. 

“You really didn’t have to do this, you know?” She said softly as she plucked one of the petals away from its flower. She then placed the petal playfully on top of Henry’s hair.

Henry giggled. “Oh come on, you would be heartbroken if I didn’t do something for Valentines day.”

Jennifer nodded her head. “True, true.” She then placed the flowers carefully onto the mattress behind her.

Henry then handed Jennifer the box of chocolates that he had kept in his left hand. Jennifer held the box with both of her hands, and started to lick her lips.

“Lindt.” She said in disbelief. “Now baby this time you really shouldn’t have. I would have been happy with just some Hershey.”

Henry shrugged. “But you’re more happy with these.”

“You got that right.” Jennifer said as she opened the box up. She picked up one of the chocolate covered strawberries in the box. She started to slowly eat the strawberry, savoring all of the melted chocolate on it.

After she had swallowed the strawberry, she closed the box back up. She then placed it behind her next to the roses. 

Jennifer turned around and gave Henry a strong hug. “Oh, thank you.” She said as she hugged onto her Henry. Henry hugged back.

After some time, Henry pulled away from Jennifer’s embrace. Jennifer looked up at Henry, confused. “What is it. Was I holding on too tight?” She asked jokingly.

“No, no. It’s just that I have something else to give you.” Henry said with a slightly shaky voice.

“What is… ahhh.” Jennifer said as Henry got off from the bed and took a knee in front of Jennifer. He held his hands to her, and she gripped them tightly. She started to breathe hard. “Oh God if this is a joke Henry I swear I’m going to kill you.” She said with a wavy voice.

Henry shook his head. He pulled his right hand away from Jennifer’s left and reached down into his back pocket. He pulled out a small square box that was covered in black velvet. He held it out to Jennifer.

“My love, my darling, will you give me the pleasure of marrying you.”

Jennifer pulled her hands away from Henry and held them close to her face. She breathed in and out hardly. 

Henry opened up the box so that Jennifer could see the ring inside. The sapphire lights up with the light in the room, creating a sea of blue on Jennifer’s face. 

A few tears dropped down Jennifer’s face. “The pleasure’s all mine.” She said in between gasps.

Henry took the ring outside of its box. He slipped the box back into his pocket, and then reached up for Jennifer’s left hand and slipped the ring right on to her ring finger.

Jennifer, once the ring was firmly planted on her finger, held it up to her face to examine the sapphire. Her eyes sparkled brighter than the sapphire could ever hope to. “Oh, it’s so lovely, Henry. And I thought the flowers were a bit much, but this” She joked.

“They’re not quite as lovely as you dear.” Henry said.

Jennifer slowly let her hand drop down to her side. “I love it, and I love you.” Jennifer said as she leaned over and gave Henry a hug, and again he hugged back. Jennifer dropped down from the bed so that she was kneeling beside Henry.       

The two love birds hugged on for a long long time after that. In fact, one could say that they held on for the rest of their lives.