Lovely Language

Trace Vance

Cho Wang looked at his newly graded English paper in defeat. Ever since he had emigrated over from China to America, he had tried his best to pick up the English language, but that had proved to be more difficult than he initially thought.

Cho gloomed over the red F that was written across the top side of his paper. He shifted in his desk. He then looked up from his paper over to his teacher who was sitting at her desk.

Cho got up from his seat, with the paper in hand, and walked over to Mrs.Heathers. 

Mrs.Heathers looked up from her book that she was reading when she saw that one of her students was walking up to her. She placed her on her desk and put on her nicest face for the student.

“Hello, what is the problem?” Mrs.Heather asked Cho.

Cho, who was now standing next to the desk, handed his paper over to Mrs.Heather. “Yes I made bad on this test, and I don’t really understand what I did on some of them.” Cho said with a strong mandarin accent.

Mrs.Heathet took a look at the graded test. “What problem are you having trouble with?” She asked while she was looking.

Cho pointed to the back of the paper. “Number 17.” He said.

Mrs.Heather flipped the paper over to get a look at number 17. She nodded her head while she read the question. “Yes,okay.” She said as she laid the paper out on her desk so that Cho could see. She pointed at number seventeen.

“You see that for this question you were supposed to put something in past tense?”

Cho nodded.

“The question had had the sentence ‘the man had a cold’, you were supposed to change that to the correct past tense. You would have gotten the sentence right if you had said ‘The man had had a cold.”

Cho scratched his head. “Had Had?” He asked.

Mrs.Heather nodded her head. “Some of the people in this class had had the correct response. Jessica for instance. Jessica, while you had had ‘had’, had had ‘had had’, ‘had had’ had had a much better effect in this sentence.” Mrs.Heather said with a smile.

Cho looked at his teacher with a face that expressed the purest form of confusion that there was. His eyes fell back to his test. He reached over and grabbed his test, and started to walk away. “Thank You?” He said while he turned away.

“Your welcome.” Mrs. Heathers said with a smile. She relaxed back in her chair. Oh how I love teaching the english language. She thought as she picked her book back up.