Taylor’s Story

Trace Vance

Taylor ran his way through the corner of the dark, gloomy catacomb. The rounded hallways of the catacomb were lit only by spare candles hanging on the brick walls that were few and far in between. Taylor ran up to a little hollow spot in the wall that was close by the floor. He got on his knees, and squeezed himself into the little area. Once he had managed to hide his body in the tight little hole, he held his breath so that the monster wouldn’t hear him.

Taylor couldn’t remember how he had managed to get lost in the catacomb’s cave systems. It seemed ages ago that he had first started to stumble around the uneven floor, searching for an exit. It was now starting to get hard to remember what the sun looked like. What it felt like to take in a breath of fresh air, and not one weighed down by the dampness of the water that covered the walls of the place.  

Taylor tried his best to make sure that his breathing wasn’t too loud. Breath in, breath out, breath in, breath out, slowly with no sudden gasps in the middle of it. There was a sound behind him. It sounded like several rocks being pushed off of the side of a very tall, rocky mountain. The monster was getting closer.

What the monster was exactly, Taylor couldn’t quite make out. The monster was more mysterious to Taylor, than how he got in the catacomb in the first place. Taylor could at least remember the first time that he had come across the monster of the catacombs. It was on the third hour, or was it the thirteenth hour, of his searching for an exit.

Taylor was walking around one of the many winding hallways of the cave system, when he had heard a crushing sound somewhere in front of him. Being that the place was so dark, Taylor couldn’t see what it was that was in front of him at first, and assumed that it was someone. 

“Hello, is anyone there.” Taylor had screamed out at an undetermined amount of time ago. After a couple of seconds of hearing no reply, Taylor called out again. “Hello, if you’re there would you please say something.”

Far off in the distance Taylor heard the sound of something starting to walk down the hallway toward him. Taylor smiled in anticipation of meeting what he thought of to be his saviour. He didn’t move forward to meet the person because he was scared of falling down onto the rock ground which got very rough in front of him. The decision to not go forward to meet this new ‘person’ most likely saved Taylor’s life.

There was a torch on the side of the hallway that was in the middle of Taylor and the monster. This light source, thankfully, gave Taylor all the warning that he would ever need to run away. The closer that the monster got to Taylor, the more the flames the torch exposed the body of the beast. The monster was nothing more than a faint outline in the distance at first. The outline was odd, but Taylor put this to the fact that the person was far off and the shadows just made the person look odd. Then the beast got closer. The closer it got, the harder it came for Taylor to believe that it was a person coming towards him. Taylor ran away from the monster in fear when he realized that he couldn’t make out where the body of the beast ended and where the legs started.

Now. Taylor had his lungs pushed up inside of his chest, as he heard the monster move behind him in the darkness. Taylor heard the monster move around near the entrance of the hallway that he was residing in. The monster cracked the ground underneath it wherever it stood. It sounded like entire rocks crumbled to dust under the foot of the monster.

Stare tears of fear ran down Taylor’s face as he cupped his mouth with his trembling fingers.

The monster made short, sharp chirping sounds, and then started to sniff the air around it. After doing some searching with it’s nostril, it decided to follow its nose. It started down the hallway that Taylor was hiding in.

Taylor, who was already pressed hard to the wall,  pressed himself even harder into his little wall area. He squeezed in until it was physically impossible for him to go any further. It felt like his bones were grinding right against the hard wall.

The monster started down the hallway. Due to the angle that Taylor was at he couldn’t see the monster from his alcove. The monster made footsteps that were big enough to cause small quakes down the hallway, shaking Taylor to his bones.

During the brief period of time that Taylor had he thought about making a run for it. Surely he would be able to make it out in time before the monster could get to him. The monster couldn’t run, could it. It didn’t run before, so it seemed, so there might be a way to get out of this. Taylor would run the idea of running away a thousand times through his mind before he knew that it was too late. The only thing that held him back from running away was the paralyzing feeling of fear that ran through every vein of his body. Running away would have, simply put, been impossible for Taylor to do.

And then, it happened, the monster stepped into Taylor’s view. First came the feet of the beast. What looked like a right leg stepped into frame. The leg was pure, pearl white with splotches of grey all around it. The leg was only a leg. There was no foot to support it. Just a mass of flesh that dripped off of the leg that seemed to engulf all the rocks underneath it. Then, like a worming snake, the rest of the monster’s body crawled it’s way into Taylor’s field of vision. The rest of the monster’s four legs came into view, they were much like the one that came before them. The legs bent around all over the place. The more that Taylor looked at it, the more he realized that there were no bones inside of the monsters legs. The things acted more like monstrous pythons than legs.

Taylor, who at this point had his face pointing down so that he wouldn’t see the monster’s face, felt a cold shiver run down his spine. Sweat was pouring off of his face and falling to the ground below. Taylor, acting on pure adrenaline, took a look up to see what the face of the monster looked like. He then had to hold back a scream.

The body of the monster wasn’t too terrible. It had the same color of the legs, and was round in its shape. There wasn’t much to say about the body other than the fact that it looked far too big for the legs to support it, and that it bulged out at seemingly random spots.

 The thing that made Taylor almost scream, was the monster’s face. The head of the monster was connected directly to the body, Meaning that there was no neck to connect the two, and that the head had no way to move on its own. The face of the monster, oh God the face, was placed in the middle of the head. The monster didn’t have any eyes. It had to sunk in placed on it’s place where it looked like eyes could be placed, but those spaces were empty. The sunken in spaces were hanging over the mouth of the monster. The mouth was the most horrid thing of all. One might think of a monster’s mouth of having thousands of sharp teeth in it, but that wasn’t what this was at all. The mouth on the beast only had two gigantic stone shaped teeth in it. The two teeth were stained with a thick layer of red. The mouth was working up and down, almost like it was chewing on something.

Taylor looked at the beast with total awe and shock. His eyes were wide with terror, and the vessels in them were pumping with blood. Taylor tried to look away from the monster that was before him, but he couldn’t. To look away from this thing would be like trying to look away from a train wreck. He was forced by his inability to move to watch the monster. 

The monster stopped in front of Taylor. It could tell that something was near. 

This only forced Taylor to watch the monster all the more. The more that Taylor looked at it, the more he realized that he couldn’t stand to look at it any longer. The harder that he tried to look away from it, the more that he realized that he couldn’t.

 The monster continued to stand in front of Taylor. It wasn’t acting as if it was looking for him. It just looked like it was waiting on something.

Taylor, with not much else to do, decided that he couldn’t take much more of this. He took in a dead breath of air, and then screamed his heart out. A scream of terror, a scream of relief, whatever it was, it was a scream nonetheless.


“The monster turned in the direction of Taylor. Its twisty legs turned it around so that the monster was face to face with Taylor. The monster then, taking it’s time, closed in on Taylor.” George sat back down onto the log that he was sitting on as he finished his story. The group of friends that he in with consisted of one girls and three boys, and all of them rolled their eyes at the end of his tale.

“Oh come on George that was the worst story I ever heard in my life.” Jim said as he tossed his empty Coke can into the bonfire before him.

“Yeah that did kinda suck” Dave said as he placed his hand around his girlfriend Emily.

The rest of the group nodded their heads along to the idea that George tale did in fact suck. George blinked in surprise at this negative feedback to his tale. “Well, what was so bad about it.” George asked.

Emily moved forward. “It was just the lack of detail that you gave the whole thing. Why is this Taylor guy in this catacomb, why is the monster in the catacomb, what is the name of the monster, stuff like that needs answering.”

George rolled his eyes. “Well I was kinda thinking that all of those details weren’t very necessary when this is a campfire store made up on the spot.”

“That’s another thing.” Jim said. “This was only suppost to be a small campfire story. Now I don’t agree with Emily that your story was bad because of the lack of detail. I think it was bad because of how long it was. You were talking for like twenty minutes.”

George laughed a little bit. “Yes I guess i did get a little carried away. Oh well, I guess it’s time for someone else to go now.”

Dave stood up from his spot with Emily. “I’ll go now.”

Dave took his place in front of the fireside, and then begun to tell his tale to his friends.