Mrs. Kopp’s Haunted House

A one hundred and eleven year old house. Witnesses of paranormal activity. Our question to you: Is Mrs. Kopp’s house haunted?

Bailey Warren, 9th Grade Reporter

In an old home, uncertainty roams the halls. During her childhood, Mrs. Kopp’s aunt saw a figure in a corner that the family aptly referred to as “Little Man in the corner.” There have been two witnesses attest for their observation. During the adolescent  years of Mrs. Kopp’s daughter Aislinn, she noticed an older lady on the second floor. However, there was no physical body for this lady. “As an older home, I do hear noises throughout the house,” Mrs. Kopp tells. She states, “I don’t think much of it,” but for us outsiders, everything adds up. We believe there might be something lurking the halls.