Welcome to the WILD WRITERS



To the first ever edition of Wild Writers. Here, we write about what you want to read. But, know that we are all about school, we are all about the staff, and we are all about you. We want to make you aware of the things going on around the school, or community, that you may be missing out on. We want you to join the fun!

When we asked Mrs. Kim Murphree, Counselor, why she thought this club might be beneficial to our school, she replied “we needed a club so students could get electives, one that’s not state required. And we wanted to give students a different experience. I just hope you really enjoy it and have fun while you learn.”

We also stopped a few staff members to ask what they would want to read about. One teacher, Mrs. Melinda Kopp stated, “I want to know about the students, things that are happening around the school, or the county, or even the community.”

The Wild Writers are here to help the students, staff, and community come together to support our school. We are here to help the small voices be heard and creative writers be acknowledged. But mostly, we are here for the fun. We hope to make you proud!

So, on behalf of the Journalism Club, we will like to welcome you to the Wild Writers Edition. We, along with many others, are ready to share our stories!