Cornbread Festival


Melanie Langston, 9th Grade Reporter

The Cornbread Festival was held on Saturday October 13th at the Town Square in Houlka. The Festival is used for several different purposes. Some of those purposes were to sell crafts, for entertainment, and for fundraising. Many people came from other communities to spread their message. Houlka’s very own Robotics club was present at the festival on the breezy Fall day. They were hoping to make a positive impression on our community. The Robotics Club was offering many opportunities for students such as getting a head start preparing for college and providing them the opportunity to explore future careers.

Other groups, such as Community Addiction Awareness (CAA), were there to show their support for all members of the community. The CAA was providing information to the community for those who might not want to reach out for the help they need.

Being able to see the community come together is great evidence that Houlka’s Cornbread Festival played a major role in bringing people together.