Wildcat Spirit

Amalie Wright, 11th Grade Special Feature Writer

This past week all students have shown their Wildcat spirit. Different appearances for each student who wanted to support their school. The weird and exotic clothing on Monday and their identical twin on Tuesday. Wednesday, being Wildcat day where everyone was asked wear wildcats colors or clothes to show support for our basketball teams. And then we all had a peak back in time with Decade’s Day Thursday with many of the teachers like Mr. Sid, Mr. Kelly, and Mrs. Brigit dressing up for the occasion. And then behold, Fancy Friday, the day where most students chose to dress to the event. Students and teachers dressing to show their support for our homecoming. ” Take pride in how far you have come and have faith in how far you will go.” someone once said. This goes out to all our students and teachers, take pride in supporting our wildcats because even just a little can go a long way and get them where they need to be.