Fun and Work Finally Get Together

Allison Bastida, 9th Grade Reporter

Do you have fun annotating a long story, or breaking down some boring sentences? Has a teacher let you sing and talk while doing some hard work in class? I bet half of you said no. Well, Mrs. Criddle’s sixth-grade class said, “yes!” They sang and had fun while doing some really hard work in her class. Don’t you wish your teacher let you do that? Mrs. Criddle had a great idea. She gave her class an assignment: to break down the lyrics of a given song and determine the meaning. However, she decided to make it fun and entertaining.

I was able to speak with Mrs. Criddle personally and discussed the following questions:

Q: “What did you think about the idea of you letting your kids sing?”

A: “I gave them time to talk while actually listening and learning.”

Q: “Do you think that doing this kind of fun activity will help your students more?”

A: “They are likely to remember this more.”

Q: “Did the students improve their scores when they learned through this fun activity?”

A: “They had a pretest before they even took the real test, and they mastered it!”

Q: “Is there anything else you would like to add about the lesson that you created?”

A: “I like to include things that kids enjoy. I want them to learn in the best, most fun, way possible”


I later had the privilege to ask one of the students about this fun experience as well. I first spoke with Emma Langston about it. I asked her, “What did you think about how your teacher did her lesson?” Emma responded, “It helped me a lot, really! It was fun and interesting!”

Alyssa Sitthiprasert, Emma’s best friend, was the second person I spoke with. Alyssa stated, “I had a hard time at first, but by singing, I was able to sum it up.”


There you have it. Students love the opportunity to warm up their vocals and perform for their classmates. Especially when it helps them learn!