Houlka Junior Beta: Making a Difference


Chauncey Harrelson and Emma Langston, 8th Grade and 6th Grade Special Feature Writers

It’s almost 2019 and Houlka Attendance Center’s Junior Beta Club is creating a more prodigious impact than ever. Anyone with a genuine sense of gratitude should feel honored to be academically selected for a club that accentuates their magnanimity toward less fortunate. Also, if contribution and funds continuously accumulate there is a higher probability of going to Convention this school year. Pushing aside all the ecstasy for this year’s Junior Beta, let’s really delineate what this club is and does at Houlka Attendance Center, where Excellence is the Expectation.

The Junior Beta Club contributes many things to our community. We help our community out with something new each month. In September we donated necessity items for our school’s care closet to help students in need. In the month of October, we donated many books to our Houlka school library. This month we are donating coloring books and crayons to give to children in LeBonheur. We believe the Beta Club is an amazing way to teach kids to help others. Beta Club also teaches us to always do our best, to work very hard, and to show compassion to others.