Thanksgiving In The Classrooms

Katelyn Haley, Allison Bastida, and Melanie Langston, Reporters

For the students and teachers at Houlka, the Holidays are a big deal. Many teachers show the students what Thanksgiving is about, how it began, how the tradition continues, and so much more. The elementary students often make crafts such as turkey hands, Indian vests, headbands, necklaces, drums, and shakers. Pre-K and Kindergarten classes learned about the Chickasaw and Cherokee Tribes and prepared a Pow-Wow for the elementary students. One of the students’ favorite traditions is to tell what they are thankful for, which is exactly what they did in their work. Mrs. Christine Burgess, a Kindergarten teacher, shared that she enjoys teaching her Kindergarten students and keeping the holiday spirit alive.

Some teachers like to put a little spin on the holiday lessons. One sixth grade teacher, in particular, Mrs. Criddle, is doing an “Unconventional Thanksgiving” lesson with her students. Mrs. Criddle stated, “First they will read an article about the cruelty exposed in the nation’s largest Turkey Hatchery. Then they will watch a video where we will tour the inside of a Turkey Farm and Processing Plant. Finally, we will watch a clip of how to cook a Thanksgiving turkey. It is all informational and they always enjoy doing things a little different than the usual.” Another teacher, Mrs. Eaton, incorporated math into the students’ crafts while making turkeys. All of the teachers here at Houlka Attendance Center go above and beyond so that their students can learn in the most creative ways. It is most definitely something to be thankful for.