Christmas Traditions

Jasmyne Walker, 10th Grade Reporter

Everyone is divergent, which means not everyone celebrates Christmas or any holiday the same. For my family, we celebrate Christmas in a way that makes us all happy. Every Christmas Eve we each open one gift in anticipation of the big day. I can’t forget about the Christmas movies; we always watch Christmas movies throughout the month of December. Drinking hot chocolate when we are watching Christmas movies is also something my family does. Recently I visited the nursing home with my Vo-Tech class and we painted the women’s nails for Christmas. While we were there, one of the nursing residents stated, “We have a Christmas party on Friday.” It was really interesting and very sweet that the people who work at the nursing home let the residents share the love and spend time together while having fun at the same time. Even though some people may not be home with their families, they still have Christmas traditions to help keep the spirit alive. In Japan, Christmas is celebrated in various ways. One tradition that stood out the most to me was Kentucky Fried Christmas Dinner. Some Japanese families eat KFC food either on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Traditionally, in the United States, our Christmas dinner consists of Honey Roasted hams, turkey, dressing, and a large array of delicious side dishes. However, the Kentucky Fried Christmas Dinner is a very good idea! Whether Christmas consists of waiting for Santa Claus, opening presents with family, eating ham or fried chicken, every family has their own traditions. It makes each and every one of us unique!

Merry Christmas!!