The Legend Of Santa Claus


Melanie Langston, Cody Hancock, Reporters

For years, Santa Claus has been bringing children and families joy. Children can’t wait until they see what Santa brought them for Christmas, and the parents love seeing their children excited and happy. However, a question on everyone’s mind is ” Where does Santa come from?” or ” How old is Santa?” Well, Santa has very many names, and he’s very old. That explains the beard! But no one knows for sure where Santa is from. What we do know, is that he lives in the North Pole and reaches millions of people in one night! Santa is known all over the world. Santa is known as Sinter Klaas by the Dutch. He is also known as Christkind or Kris Kringle by many Swiss and German children. Santa is known as St. Nicholas around the world by many people. Even though Santa has many names, he’s always had one purpose, bringing people joy. Santa hasn’t always been the big jolly man he is today. Eating all those cookies did that. He used to be a skinny, jolly man once upon a time. After all these years, Santa’s kindness still lives in many children, and we hope that it continues for the rest of our lives!