Christmas is EVERYWHERE!!

Wild Writers, Reporters

Students and teachers all across campus are getting into the Christmas spirit this year. Everyone has been making Christmas ornaments, paintings, penguins, Christmas trees and more. Mrs. Chandra and Mrs. Debra made sure to put together a wonderful display of Christmas for all students to see and enjoy this year. When asked, Mrs. Chadra stated, “All of Houlka’s students walk right by here so we wanted to make something special for them to see to help them get ready for Christmas.” Many teachers have made sure that their classes have been able to celebrate Christmas in their own special way. The sixth-grade classes did “Christmas Around the World” projects and displayed their hard work for all to see. Mrs. Courtney and Mrs. Kelsey’s classes were under “Elf Surveillance” this year for Christmas! Here at Houlka, we are proud to say that everyone comes together to make sure each student feels the holiday spirit and is filled with joy before leaving for Christmas break!