FCA at Houlka Attendance Center

Melanie Langston, Sophomore Reporter


FCA, what does it stand for? It stands for Fellowship of Christian Athletes. The FCA team welcomes athletes as well as non-athletes. The FCA Leadership Team is led by Coach Winter. The members of the leadership team are Makayla Brown (Senior), Shelby Linley (Junior), Iyana Taylor (Junior), Payne Graves (Junior), Colby Burgess (Junior), Bethany Warren (Sophomore), Bailey Warren (Sophomore), Mallori Russell (Sophomore), Melanie Langston (Sophomore), and Abella Coleman (Freshman). We gather every Tuesday morning for devotion at break in Coach Winter’s room. Everyone who attends either has a message they need to hear or a message they wish to spread. We’ve had several guest speakers so far including Dr. Oz, Houlka’s 6th grade English teacher, and students such as Colby Burgess and Bethany Warren, as well as many others who have shared. We hope that anyone who can make it to devotion will come, hear our messages, and find God in their daily lives.

We are thankful for those who attended our Youth Recharge Rally at the First Baptist Church in Houlka in October. There was food, a live band, and plenty of worship and fun to go around. We hope to have an even bigger crowd next year. Don’t be afraid to come. Everyone is welcome!