Athletes Build Our School!

Allison Bastida, 10th Grade Reporter

Houlka Attendance center is filled with many amazing athletes. These athletes have shaped our school into who we are today. They have made us look stronger and feel better about our school. They sweat from every pore to make this school a better place. They work hard day and night to be a better person than the person they were yesterday. Tarquavious Jackson, mostly know by “T.J”, is an amazing player of  the Houlka Wildcats basketball. This will be his second year playing basketball. He is a 17 year old that has played since his elementary years. Being a sophomore and already being known for his athletic skills must be something to be very proud of. I had the privilege to ask T.J., my fellow sophomore classmate, some questions about Houlka and the sport he loves so much.

  • Which team’s games are the most fun to attend? Why? “It would be Ingomar , Pontotoc , and Okolona. There are more competition to us, and that makes is more fun.”
  • Describe your crosstown rivalry in one(appropriate) word…    “Competitive.”
  • Which spots does the school need to add next year?      “Football, most definitely, or power lifting.”
  • If anyone in your class would be on ESPN,who will it be?         “Dashun Berry (Senior), Seth Winter (Freshman), Jarell Hamilton (Freshman), and Kobe Atkinson (Sophomore).”
  • What life-lesson(s) did you learn playing basketball?        “How to work as a team and learn how to not be selfish.”
  • Will you try to play basketball in college?         ” YES! Most definitely.”
  • Will you ever consider coaching?        “Yes, Probably.”

Tarquavious Jackson and his sophomore basketball friends work hard every day to make their team better each day. They pour sweat so they can shine. Our school is built by our student dedication and strength. Our basketball team always put in extra work and effort to build our school. We need to continue to support our team to make us grow!