Student Shout-Outs!!


The students here at Houlka Attendance Center work extremely hard to be successful and be a positive impact on others. The Wild Writers believe that these students should receive recognition for their hard work. The following students received a Shout-Out for this month!


  • Diamond Turner  and Ashantis Cunningham- Seniors  “Working really hard and being focused on the ACT”    -Mrs. Coggin


  • Clay Beard- 8th Grade  “Helped take care of the campus and keeping it clean.”    -Mrs. Poe


  • Isaac Fitzpatrick- Mrs. Christy’s Class  “Picking up garbage in the cafeteria that wasn’t his.”    -Mrs. Moss


  • Alisha Brown-  Sophomore  “Decorating my room and always helping with anything I need.”    -Mrs. Coggin


  • Max Turner, Kensley Burgess- 2nd Grade, Riley Harris- 5th Grade, Jinase Hamilton- 4th Grade    “These students are always helping others and taking great care of the Library!”      -Mrs. Poe