Basketball Spirit!

Basketball Spirit!

Andrea Hernandez, 11th Grade Reporter

Lately we’ve been drained and exhausted with school work, extracurricular sports, and clubs. As a student, I feel the only thing us kids look forward to anymore is the weekends and upcoming breaks nowadays. But what if we gave you something else to look forward to besides that? Something that could have every Houlka basketball lover, fan, supporter, and player excited. We, The Wild Writers, are here to boost the Wildcats! We need to amp our school up and show that school spirit!

Basketball itself is exciting because the players in the court experience the tension and thrill of competing against other players from different schools. The viewers cheer them on and feel the upcoming suspense during last few minutes of the game. Although we do show the love by attending the basketball games, why not show some of our Wildcat spirit? The journalism club is proud to present to you our school spirit boosting activities!

Face painting: Kids, teenagers, and even the basketball players can get their own face painting for just one dollar! Not to mention parents of basketball players get free face paintings as well to root and show support to their kid! Our face paintings include: paws, jersey numbers, a basketball, and rad paint dots with our school colors. Doesn’t that sound great? It may not be the most exciting thing in the world but it surely does give off supportive vibes for the team and school.

School Spirit Items: The Journalism Club will soon be selling Spirit Items to students and staff to add even more school spirit! Featured items include, but are not limited to, face tattoos in school mascot/colors, ribbons, pins, bracelets, mini-basketballs, and so much more!

Small things like this will encourage others to have more school spirit and it will eventually lead to greater things throughout the school year. One thing I have to say to all of you though, is that this is just the beginning!