Newspaper from Halloween 1978

Newspaper from Halloween 1978

Trace Vance, 10th Grade Reporter


We all know the tragic events that happen on Halloween night 41 years ago.  I originally was going to tell you about them but I found a newspaper from that year that tells the events much better than I ever could. Here is the paper from November the 1st 1978.

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Three Teens Murdered By Psycho on Halloween Night 

Three teenagers, Annie Brackett, Lynda Klok, and Bob Simms were all found dead at the same house in Haddonfield, Illinois. Annie was found on the master bed with a slit throat, Linda was found in the closet with marks around her throat, and Bob was found hanging upside down in the bedroom doorway with a stab wound in his chest. They were all killed by the same man, Michael Myers.

Their killer, Michael Myers, escaped from the Psychiatric Hospital, Smith’s Grove, on 10-30-78 and arrived to Haddonfield on Halloween. Myers was a resident at Smith’s Grove for 15 years receiving help from Dr. Samuel Loomis during his stay.  Myers was sent to the hospital after he stabbed his teenage sister, Judith Myers,  to death when he was only six-years old. Myers escaped Smith’s Grove during a court transfer by getting away in one of the nurse’s cars. The nurse, Marion Chambers, says that after Loomis saw Myers escaping he shouted “the evil(Michael) is gone.” After leaving the hospital, Myers killed a man on the side of the road and stole his jumpsuit to conceal his identity.

We can’t be for sure when Myers arrived at Haddonfield but it is suspected that he arrived before dusk. Myers went to the grave of Judith Myers, his sister, and stole the tombstone and carried it to the house in which the teenagers were found. After or before he stole the tombstone, we can’t say for sure, Myers broke into a hardware store and stole two knives, a can of white spray paint, and a Captain Kirk mask. Michael Myers spent most of the day in his old dilapidated, childhood home waiting for nightfall to start his inhumane killing.

The owners of the house didn’t want their name in the paper, however, the house that Myers went after his escape was the home where the teenagers were found dead. Myers first victim of the night was Annie Brackett. It is believed that he killed her somewhere close to the house because that was where she was babysitting the night of her murder. He slit her throat with one of the kitchen knives he stole at the store. After he committed the murder, Myers carried Annie’s body into the house. One of the neighbors, Tommy Doyle, says that he saw the boogieman (Myers) with a dead body in his arms walking to the house. His next victim was Lynda Klok. Myers killed her in the house. Her friend, Laurie Strode, said that she knew Lynda was home because she (Laurie) called the house and Lynda picked up the phone. It is believed that Myers strangled her because she has bruises all over her throat, and because her friend heard choking sounds over the phone. Myers put her in one of the closets in the house. The last person the Myers killed was Bob Simms, we think that Myers killed Bob in the same house because there was a huge blood stain on one of the kitchens’ cabinet doors. Myers tied Bob upside down in the doorway to the bedroom.

Michael Myers also tried to kill someone else, Laurie Strode. After Strode called the house and heard what she believed was the sounds of Lynda chocking, she decided to walk over to the house. Strode says that the only reason that she went to the house was because she thought that they were just kidding with her. “I went into the house and started telling them that it wasn’t funny anymore, I thought that they were just playing games ,” Laurie stated to a reporter. Strode went into the house and saw the bodies of her friends upstairs. “I went into the room and saw my friends there dead. I walked out of the room and the boogieman (Myers) was there.” Myers chased Strode back to the house she was baby sitting at. “I walked out of the bedroom and I thought that it (Myers) was dead but when I got to the hallway, the boogieman grabbed my throat from behind,” Laurie Strode stated. “It stopped strangling me when I pulled its mask off, then some one shoot him,” Laurie stated. Dr. Samuel Loomis can into the house at that moment. He had been looking for Myers all day. Dr. Loomis shoot Myers until he fell off the second floor. “I shot him six times. He fell over the balcony. But when I looked down, Michael wasn’t there anymore,” stated Dr. Loomis.

Myers fell off the second story of the house, and that is the last that we have heard of him. If you see someone wearing a white mask and a jumpsuit with a kitchen knife run to the nearest phone and call the police. Michael Myers is consider extremely dangerous, and he is still out there somewhere. Stay safe folks.


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