Melanie Langston, Sophomore Reporter


Many people move from cities because they think a small town will be safer. Not this one. It started out a regular day as all tragedies do, but unlike every tragedy this one manipulated life itself.

42 bodies, one by one, started appearing throughout the small town of Henry, Mississippi the year of 2009. Many of the townsfolk began to believe the town along with its people were cursed, for if an outsider entered the town, within the week they would be gone before morning. When the third body appeared on a children’s playground, several parents attempted to leave with their kids only to find escaping impossible. No one who lived in the town could leave for it seemed an invisible force was seeking vengeance. But for what? Perhaps no one had the answer, or maybe they refused to acknowledge the truth.

None of the children were ever supposed to be affected. They should never have seen a single body. They were meant to think that their parents were going crazy or simply trying to scare them. But no, it seemed every adult in town was entwined in a past they’d rather outrun and in an attempt to save their own skin, they involved the children.

Four of the children searched the town archives for any kind of answer as to what their parents may still be keeping secret. What they found is the reason they go missing. On October 7, 2009, Xander Cole, Kamryn Cole, Presley James, and Erin Summers are reported missing. The town reacts with devastation but not surprise. Within a week, the four are pronounced dead without anyone ever looking for them. They had vanished without ever telling anyone what they had found.

The four are believed to still be living because their disappearances altered the path of the vengeful force. Every 10 years, instead of taking 42 lives, four of the townspeople discover a secret right before going missing one week after October 7. Generations of townspeople are cursed with living their lives hiding from a legend that continues to haunt them. Those who refuse to live their lives in paranoia prepare a house where they take all of the bodies and leave markers to warn those who wish to pay respects from ever getting too close.

The legend of the 42 still continues to this day, and without any of the missing to tell us what they have found in this repeating cycle, the legend will continue for many more generations.




***This story and the pictures are fictional. The images seen above are merely a home decorated for Halloween, not actual bodies!***