Study Tips!!

The Wild Writers, Reporters

  • Haley Thomas – 9th grade:  “Make note cards.”


  • Faith Murray – 9th grade:   “Write your notes with a blue pen.”


  • Amber nix – 9th grade:    “Have someone go over it with you.”


  • Rita Eaton – 10th grade:    “Eat while studying.”


  • Andrea Hernandez – 11th grade: “Write your notes over and over again.”


  • Caren Eaton – 10th grade:    “Stay motivated!”


  • Monti Berry – 4th grade:    “Make study cards using your study guide.”


  • Jaylen Brassfield – 4th grade:    “Read your information for 30 minutes and the have someone quiz you.”


  • Mrs. Christy Moss – Teacher:    “Read over your notes every night.”


  • Mrs. Tuggle- 5th and 6th grade Teacher:    “Read your notes before you go to bed, and sleep with them under your pillow.”


  • Dr oz- 6th grade Teacher:    “Pay attention in class. Watch studytee youtube videos. Study a little bit everyday rather than trying to cram the day of the test.”