Did you know…

Allison Bastida, 10th Grade Reporter


  • Jaws was the first movie to make over 100 million dollars.
  • Heinz was one of the first factories to have electric light bulbs instead of candles lighting the place.

– Submitted by Trace Vance, 10th Grade


  • Cuddling Heals Wounds and Fights Depression
  • Seahorses Get “Married”
  • Night Rainbows Are Real. They’re Called “Moonbows”
  • Your Heartbeat Syncs Up With Your Partner’s
  • Penguins Propose and Stick Together for Life
  • Forcing a Smile Actually Makes You Happier
  • Cars Are Now Designed to Keep Dogs Safe on Hot Days
  • There’s a Valentine’s Day for Single People in South Korea
  • Your Dog Dreams About You
  • Sea Otters Hold Hands So They Don’t Drift Apart
– Submitted by Allison Bastida, 10th Grade
Some Owls and Snakes Live Together in Harmony