Robo-Wildcats Ready To Rumble!!!

Colton Turner, 7th Grade Reporter

The Robo-Wildcats 2019-2020 team consists of senior members (Nathan, Hayden, and Jana) as well as rookie members (Emma, Chris, Trish, Jacob, Abbi, Chase, Taurean, J.C., Kadence, Caleb, Colton, and Jordan). Hayden is the team captain, as well as head builder. Nathan is assistant builder. Jana is the Jack of all Trades, along with a fundraising position. Emma is in charge of the Official Engineering Notebook. Abbi is in charge of the Rookie’s Engineering Notebook. Trish, Jacob, Caleb, and Jordan are the builders for the rookie practice robot. Chris assists Hayden often. Kaydence is the photographer. Taurean, J.C. and Chase all help when needed. Colton is assistant builder alongside Nathan. Our robot, Patricia, has the same drive train as last year’s robot (Precilla). However, it is upgraded with a whole new arsenal including a rotating arm and claw, as well as much more. The Robotics team went to Tupelo build day on October 5th, and our first competition will take place December 7th. The coaches of robotics team are Mrs. Thomas and Mrs. Cara.