The Shed ( based on a true story)

Ashley Fletcher, 6th Grade Special Feature Writer


A little girl and her family lived in Arizona.They decided to go on a vacation to California, so they stayed in a house that was completely fenced in with with a lake nearby. There was also a creepy old shed about a mile from their house. One day it was about sundown and the little girl and her 16 year old brother went swimming in the lake for about an hour. Now it was late and pitch black outside. They  saw a light coming form the shed, and decided to go check it out. They walked over to the old shed and stood in front of it. The light from inside was moving around , until finally is stopped on them for like thirty minutes then it turned off.  The 16 year old brother grabbed the little girl by the arm and ran with steps close behind them until they were almost to their house. The footsteps stopped and so they did.

The man was behind them and they could clearly see his face. An old man with hair that resembles a mane. He had blue eyes and also an stern smile. This man had said “Hey little girl I have some toys back at my house. Do you want to come play?” Quickly, the sixteen year old grabbed the little girl by the arm and ran home. About an hour later they looked through the window to see that man pressed up against a window holding a bloody knife. Their parents quickly called the police. The man ran into the woods and the police never found him. The kids told the police about the shed and where they first saw the man. After searching the shed, the police found a body of a six-year old there.

That little girl is now thirteen years old and is still scared that the man will come for her. Now I have one question for you, reader. Do you think he is still alive?

If he is, who will he come for next?