Teacher Shout-Outs!!


The Wild Writers know how important our teaches are and they deserve recognition for their awesomeness. The following are teachers who have received Shout-outs this month!


  • Dr. Oz – Because he is willing to help people.     -Brylee Snow


  • Jamie Earp – Because he helps the school.     -Caden Earp


  • Mrs. Angie – Because kids love her math and she’s the best.     -Antione Wright


  • Mrs. Tuggle – Because she worships Jesus at all times just like other people, she believes in the savior, and everybody loves her.     -Antione Wright


  • Mrs. Criddle – Because she is nice.     – Aaliyah Holsey


  • Mrs. Latrinda – Because she is a great bus driver and a great mother…I LOVE YOU.     -Khyanna


  • Mrs. Tuggle – Because she will help anybody.     -Caden Earp